This is the finished product of our machine leaving the yard to it’s new owner looking brand new.

Following our shot blasting techniques and repaint work, the refurbished end product looks as good as new. Shiny new paintwork further emphasises the significance of the shot blasting technique carried out by our expert technicians.


Our state of the art fired shot blasting facilities can accommodate all forms of equipment and vehicles, and can be used for cleaning, descaling and preparing your vehicle’s surface for re-coat. This ensures that the refurbishment results in an ‘as new’ finish, even on the most difficult of surfaces.


The longevity of the new paintwork is largely dependent upon the preparation of the steel surface prior to its application; our shot blasting procedure ensures that the metal is cleaned and primed to leave a bare white metal surface ready for the subsequent treatment and refurbishment.

Our workshop facility allows us to carry out all types of refurbishment work no matter how big or small.  If you are a customer requiring refurbishment work or would like a quote to carry out a machine refurbishment, please contact us.

For further information regarding our refurbished products please contact us today on 01709 525 336 / 07970 636 455.